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Why do they call it a naming ceremony? I hear you ask! The answer is that it is designed to celebrate the special day when a child is presented with their first name. The day that makes them unique and separates them from the other members of their family is the day when they receive their name.

Every religion has a different way of introducing the baby to the world, but the intention is the same. They are all about bringing the baby into the family circle and giving a name.

Here we have got a great baby gift for new parents or new babies. Add a letter or initial to the front or back of an adorable onesie for the perfect personalized gift. These make a great baby shower gift, birthday gift, or new baby gift.

Onesies are liked by many parents for their baby’s comfort and cute look. Custom Printed Naming Ceremony Onesies for a baby can be used on own or presented as a gift. Onesies are available in different sizes and different colors. The favorite color of the baby or parent can be bought by one of his family members.