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Today’s baby shower invites are oh-so modern and they are not dependent on tradition, which means there’s no longer wrong or right way to throw one – the theme can be changed easily to suit the guest of honor.

Today’s parents want their baby showers to be more representative of who they are as a couple and how they wish to co-parent than what was appropriate for previous generations. The current baby shower party is less rooted in tradition and more focused on personalizing the party to the specific needs, personalities or preferences of the guest of honor.

You have the freedom to personalize your baby shower party to choose your baby shower outfits, baby shower decorations, baby shower cakes, plan your baby shower photo shoot to fit your unique style.

A new trend emerging – the late-in-the-trimester shower gives parents an opportunity to celebrate with loved ones wearing baby shower tshirts for family well before their due date, while still giving mom-to-be time to get her affairs in order and ensure she has some energy left over to enjoy it!