Conscious Parenting

Conscious Parenting

Parenting is one of the best feelings in the world. Sometimes parenting can be a tough job since it involves a connection emotionally and thoughtfully between the child and the parents. Conscious Parenting mainly focuses on the method of how the parents are connecting and processing with their child's emotions and needs. It refers to the patience, awareness, and understanding of the parents towards the child. Most importantly the decision the parents make for their child are intentional or forced, the decision is beneficial for the child or not. 


Every child wants their parents to love, understand, trust and respect them. Here are some ways of conscious parenting:-


  • Speak to them respectfully:- Good choice of words and way and speaking is really important for nice parenting. The tone, volume, and content of speech can dictate whether the child feels safe, threatened, or demotivated by the parents. Parents should talk to their children the way they want them to talk. Don't shout at them, don't try to blame them for their failure, don't mock them.


  • Control the expectations:- Never make the child fear that they might not be able to fulfill their parent's expectations. This may affect them mentally and make them feel lonely. Conscious parenting is not about throwing the parent's wants and needs onto their children. The child is not always going to do what, or how the parents want them to do. The child and the parents are different and have different thoughts and imaginations.


  • Try not to demotivate them:- Whenever the child needs support and help the parents should be someone who can make the child feel comfortable and relaxed. The parents should not let the child's failure be problematic to them. The child needs the parents to understand and motivate them for next. The parents must not blame and be angry with their child's failure and should provide strength and power to them.


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