Cute Gifts for Expecting Parents - Sorted !!

We realize how ecstatic you are to announce the birth of your child to your family and friends. And we all know it's not official unless you've announced it on social media. Because it is one of the most essential notifications, you want everyone to take into account the gravity of the news, you should make it innovative and distinctive.

Well you are in luck, because we have compiled the best ideas out there that will give you just what you need. Ranging from baby rompers to maternity T-Shirts, we have it all covered in this one article.

  • Maternity T-Shirts 3

Funky and modern Maternity T-Shirts are a fabulous way to announce your pregnancy. Put out some cute pictures of yourself with a baby bump sporting these T-Shirts on social media to make it official. Some of our best picks are listed below.

Elegant raiments to sport and tell everyone about your happiness. Suitable to be worn on outings, or vacations.


Simple, classy yet bold. This will suit any mother just right. A worthy addition to any wardrobe indeed.

If you’re looking to make the announcement cute and funny, this one is a go-to. Made out of 100% cotton, the quality is upto the mark and a worth-it buy.

  • Baby Rompers and Onesies:

If you’re celebrating the arrival of the little one, why not get them something they look super cute in? <3 Having a photoshoot with baby rompers and onesies is without a doubt a great way to announce the good news. Some of our best picks are listed below.

Soft, comfortable and cute. This romper accentuates how adorable your baby is like nothing else out there. It will definitely make everyone melt out there

Isn’t this list just a pile of cuteness? This onesie is pure love. We are sure you’ll rock the announcement photoshoot with this one

This list would certainly be incomplete without this little cutieeee. A variety of color options like pink, mustard and red are available to help you make the announcement really special.



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