Make your Own Tshirt - Sounds Cool right? Read to know how ?


Whether you’re looking to promote an exciting new brand or want to outfit your relatives for Instagram photos at a family reunion, there’s always a good reason to print your custom t-shirt. In this blog, we'll provide you step by step method of how you can get your own choice of design on the t-shirt at our website .

Step 1:-

Go to our website , you'll find our homepage with our collection of t-shirts.

Step 2:-

Go to the menu bar at the top left corner of the home page. Click on the bar and you'll find the collections we offer. After that click on the last "CUSTOM TSHIRTS"  option to get the Customised T-shirts in our collection.


Step 3:-

Choose any Customized t-shirts you want to have a print on. After selecting your choice t-shirts, click on them to have the info about your choice.


Step 4:-

You'll find a blue button "Customize it". Click on this button to go to our designer tool and customize the product as per your liking.

Step 5:-

In our designer tool, we provide many ways you can design your T-shirts.

If you want to add any design or text, go to the top middle bar "ADD DESIGN/TEXT" to add your choice of design/text.


Step 6:-

You can either add the design from your device or the URL. We also provide some graphic design ideas which you find after clicking on the "GRAPHICS". After choosing the design, adjust it on the T-shirts in the position you prefer.


Step 7:-

After designing your t-shirt according to your preference, save the design by clicking on the "Save" button in the bottom right corner. Save the name of the design and provide us with your email address and get your design saved with us.


Create as many designed tshirts you want of your choice. We hope this guide blog would be helpful for you and provide as to help you with our services.

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