Make your Toddler Birthday a special with Name Printed Tshirts !!

Make your Toddler Birthday a special with Name Printed Tshirts !!

Birthdays are special. That is a no-brainer. The commemoration of yet another year that had it all! And what completes a birthday is a unique, out of this world birthday party. However, putting together one isn’t easy. There are a plethora of things to do and an umpteen number of ways to do them. We have tried to put together some handy tips for you in this post. Have a look:

  1. Pick a celebration style that reflects you and most of all, suits your vibe.
  2. Prioritize tasks based on a timeline and a budget.
  3. Decide on a theme that really makes the party bodacious : matching outfits, decor, food, all of it!
  4. Plan a bunch of activities/games for adults and kids
  5. Decide on return gifts that aren’t just gifts but memorable tokens of endearment.

Steps 1-4 can be woo-shed through, no biggie. However if you’re a parent hosting your child their birthday bash, step 5 can be a bit of a brain scratcher. You want just the perfect thing, one that : is appropriate for kids, doesn’t cost a fortune, is memorable and comes as thoughtful. Wondering what checks all these boxes? We’ve got the answer right here for you. Drumroll…. CUSTOM THEME+NAME T-SHIRTS!

Let’s get into it - it is simple really. Refer to the guestlist of the party and place an order for a number of T-Shirts specifying each guest’s name and the common theme and voila! What you’ll end up with on your doorstep is a carton of memorable and thoughtful gifts - just the need of the hour. You can use any website out there, is one such option.

Here’s a quick example : If I pick the theme of an outdoor pool party, I can order a custom pool theme T-Shirt for each one of my guests, each T-Shirt bearing the name of its owner!

Other chic designs that we would recommend to show your utmost affection:

  1. The boss baby theme


2.The modern race car theme

3.The rodeo theme

4.The little soldier theme

5.The fruit/watermelon theme


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