Why is everyone wearing plain solid colour t-shirts

Why is everyone wearing plain solid colour t-shirts?

T-shirts are the trendiest outfit these days and have been one for a long time. There are a variety of t-shirts available, both online and offline. Everyone has a different kind of choice when it comes to t-shirts, however, the craze for plain solid colour t-shirts is growing rapidly. Therefore, let us know why plain solid t-shirts are becoming popular.

  • It is easier to carry Well, the plain solid colour t-shirts go with most moods and are easier to carry. One can wear them on most occasions without thinking much. Solid t-shirts can never go wrong while the printed ones may not suit all occasions.
  • Easy to be paired Not every denim jeans would go well with any random t-shirt. But when it comes to plain solid colour t-shirts, one can easily pair any jeans or pants with them. One can pair plain solid colour t-shirts with shorts, Bermudas, and cargo pants too.
  • Makes one look mature Plain solid color t-shirts can be worn anywhere, except for formal events. One also does not need to think twice before choosing a plain T-shirt. But they will need to think ten times before they choose their printed t-shirts.
  • Less fading issues When you buy a printed t-shirt or a graphic t-shirt, gradually the printed part becomes faded or damaged. It makes the t-shirt look old. But if you get plain solid colour t-shirts, there will be lesser chances of any major fading. Also, if you wash them properly, you will successfully reduce the chances of any kind of fading.
  • Does not create an illusion and is gender-fluid Plain solid colour t-shirts make a person appear as they are. Also, solid and plain T-shirts can be easily worn by anybody, irrespective of their gender. While , in the case of printed t - shirts, not all of them are suited for both the sexes.
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